A Peek Inside Her Agenda: Maria Cristina “MC” Gonzalez Noguera (Senior Vice President of Global Public Affairs, Estée Lauder)

Laughter doesn’t sound like your typical career tip, but keeping a sense of humor is one key piece of advice Maria Cristina “MC” Gonzalez Noguera shared in her recent conversation with us.

Gonzalez is a master communicator who is thoughtful with her words and approach, but embracing risk and fearlessness have also been important in her career. Her craft has taken her from investment banking in her hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico, to the White House as Director of Communications for First Lady Michelle Obama. Currently, as the Senior Vice President of Global Public Affairs at Estée Lauder, Gonzalez is building new government and public affairs capabilities on the legacy of a multi-billion dollar brand and yet she remains adamant that embracing a sense of humor and keeping perspective are key.

In our conversation, Gonzalez shares the secrets of how she continues to move her career forward, what she believes is new and exciting in the field of government, public affairs and communications, many words of wisdom, and of course humor. Translating her Grandmother’s Spanish phrases into English doesn’t always work, but they certainly keep her colleagues smiling and they kept us smiling as well.